From: [email protected]

My emails are being sent from [email protected]… on behalf of… my email address.

How can I remove [email protected] from the From field?

Thank you!

I also have this problem. Looking for a new mail client, since this is total BS.

What version of eM Client are you using? Something similar to that was fixed in a recent version, so check to make sure your running the latest version to see if the problem still exists:

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We display nobody@ when there is some issue with the email address. So if the address in the message, or the address your server says it comes from, are incorrectly formatted then you will see this.

Thank you gary, I have an unusual email address: [email protected]. Would this be considered an incorrect format?

I’ve gotten [email protected] and other such nomenclature returned addresses when incorrect…must be server generated.
BTW, you’ve got the coolest email address!