From: [email protected] displayed for some old imported emails with non-compliant headers

Several of my emails imported way back (from 2000’ish Outlook to Outlook Express as far as I can guess), are missing actual addresses and have the sender and/or recipient name(s) missing, instead copied as an address inside angle brackets. The email headers show, for example, just:


eMclient imported such emails fine, including the original headers, but it displays “[email protected]” in the From: field, and drops it altogether in the To: field.

The “[email protected]” placeholder adds no useful information, and discards whatever little information was available to begin with. It would be a lot more useful if, instead, both From: and To: fields displayed the name inside in this case, instead ().

Code-level support must exist already in eMclient to display names that are not backed up by an actual email address in those fields since, for example, the following header line displays fine as just My Name:

From: “My Name”

) FWIW this is what other email clients have been doing for a long time.

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I agree 100%. I tend to keep pretty old emails - over a period that may span many different email clients.

I chopped and changed clients, but never had this most unhelpful behaviour from any of them.