From in new version 7 RC is confusing

I installed the RC of version 7 and the layout of the From column is really confusing.

For example I have an e-mail sent by John and with CC to Paul and Robert. In the From of the message list I get this:

Paul, Robert, John

This is quite confusing as not Paul nor Robert sent me this mail. And John is get cut because of the column size.

How can I correct this behavior and show only the sender on that column?

Ok, ignore it.

It was that after the upgrade I was switched to conversation mode and it does exactly this. It isn’t nice that you change the configuration you already had without any notification.

Something to correct for release…

Hi Javier,
I’m sorry for the confusion, but since the Conversation view was a highly anticipated new feature, it is set by default at the moment.
Thank you for your feedback.