From Computer to Sink Yes but from Phone to Computer via Sink???

Can I use eMsync to sync contacts and events from my phone? I’ve tried through M’soft exchange with my eMsync account but I’ve probably not got it organised properly… any help would be most gratefully received - thank you, Sara

I am sorry, what syncing service/cloud server did you mean under “eMsync” - did you mean our Sync2eM service? If you use Exchange, be aware we don’t support contacts and calendar synchronization with it. But it is on our schedule plan and it will be available in the future.

Hi Gabriel… I don’t have to use exchange, I just don’t know what else to use Sync2eM with… so, basically I want to:
a) bring my contacts and calendar into eM from outlook;
b) do away with outlook so I can then just
c) sync from eM to my 'phone (Samsung Galaxy s2).

At the moment the syncing process seems to be giving me my contacts and calendar in triplicate - I guess it’s syncing with outlook and rather than just updating is bringing everything over each time??? I have deleted my triplicate calendars several times now and have had to go through manually deleting duplicated events. Soooooo… a really simple explanation as to how I can just keep all my data in eM and then how I sync all this to my phone and back again would be MOST gratefully received :-).

a) Just use our Import from Outlook feature (menu File->Import) or export them from Outlook to some format we can also import (.vcf or .csv files for contacts and .ics file for calendar events).

c) Instructions for our Sync2eM use are at , Supported devices sections, probably Android instructions for you. You will need to copy items (calendar events, contacts and tasks) you want to synchronize to your Sync2eM account in eM Client and then you will see them in your phone. They shouldn’t be tripples in your phone so I recommend to disable all other concurrent sync accounts that can cause that.