"From" address pole position

Very irritating that the e mail “From” address shows the oldest address in the thread as the first address that you see. Sometimes the thread is only indirectly from that address. Any way of showing the newest address in pole position i.e. the one that has actually sent the message to you?

If you are using conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) there is no actual From address in the message list. Instead there is a list of correspondents from the conversation. Usually the last correspondent is shown at the end of the list if they have only replied once. Otherwise it is the last unique corespondent. There does not seem to be any rule as to who is shown first, especially with long involved conversations, where it seems to be the first to reply that is shown. With shorter ones it is usually the originator of that conversation. At least that is my observation.

You can disable conversation and that will display only the sender of that particular message in the message list, but otherwise this display method cannot be changed in conversation view.