Fresh Install - Imap not syncing

Just downloaded EMC (emclient) to use with Fastmail. Put in email address and EMC found and used all of fastmails server settings correctly. I can end and receive fine and can see new mail arriving in fastmail’s web client. I uploaded a lot of old mail from an imported (from outlook) local folder in EMC. The uploaded mail synced up fine with fastmails servers but now after an hour or so emc is spinning the refresh icon and shows progress bar for uploading to fastmail but if I look in the log it shows it has uploaded 0 items successfully. EMC seems to be stuck now and nothing I do is forcing it to resync w/ server? I’ve quit the app multiple times etc. still nothing. Is there a cache of some type I can manually delete? All diagnostics show fine, no sync errors of any kind.


I just stumbled upon the repair menu, and it seems to be resyncing the entire inbox now.

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