FREQUENT "synchronizing folder list" errors !!! VERY VERY VERY FREQUENT

I get the Operations popup ALL THE TIME complaining it cannot sync folder lists.

Annoyingly, the ERROR LOG never points out WHICH folder this is happening to. IT WOULD PROBABLY BE VERY HELPFUL if the Error log would actually log specific errors in detail…

Will this ever get fixed?? Very close to buying emClient for our entire organization, but this problem has been going on for months now…

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To find the detail, look in the Log tab.

I’ve looked in the log tab, and it always has three or four lines reporting the error. but what it DOESNT REPORT is exactly WHICH folder the error is occurring on ( very annoying…) just says “404 error” which is not the least bit helpful. I have about two hundred mail folders spread across these two accounts…

I have this exact problem. It is super annoying. I have attached the details suggested in the help topic. can  someone please help? This issue has been ongoing for the whole time I’ve had the eM client… my next step is to try a different email client.

I also have a txt file of the log download, but can’t see how to upload that.

Thank you.

Karen, x15, I may understand this, which I’ve also been getting on a new install of em Client, which in all other ways is very welcome.

I think at least here, it’s because:
a. i have a number of gmail/google accounts
b. I sync all the apps for them: mail, but also calendar, contacts, tasks, etc… as em Client does helpfully by default
c. I have my old email program still operating and making its own connections for all these
d. I have my phone doing the same thing…

You can figure out that this adds up to a lot of inadvertent connections to Google, and in particular twice normal coming from one machine, which would be a red flag. They have to limit at some point to protect their systems, and while other programs may ignore the resulting periodic blockage, em Client reports, which can help avoid problems. 

i am doing these things which should solve the problem:

  • I’m turning of sync for that old email program, which is still there just for shakedown - doing this way avoids losing their account setup, just in case…
  • if this isn’t enough, I’ll up the time between syncs on em Client from every 10 minutes to every 15
  • if somehow the problem remains, I’ll use my license to raise a support request, and if so report back here on results.

You set the sync interval in Menu | Tools | Settings | General, in the Synchronization area. It’s right there in the middle of the page when Settings pops up.

I also suspect little is lost by doing this, as generally behind the scenes em Client accepts mail by push from Google, which mean’s it’s there for you in moments than waiting for a ‘sync’.

That number I’m taking from another forum item five years ago(!), by the way. It could need more or less, just experiment to find out as needed. But in my case at least, turning down the volume on that other becoming-unnecessary emailer is probably the real answer, and I actually may try that before changing the sync setting, as its sensible.

Otherwise, I’m really pleased with how much help em Client is about many things, and the degree of smoothness in how it works. I couldn’t say that about Microsoft or a set of other alternatives I’ve tried, so here at least it’s looking definitely a keeper.

Well, right away afterwards I found that recently em Client acknowledged the problem, and said they’re working it out with Google.

Actually, I believe they said they had worked it out… but doing such with Google is a fraught process, and the resulting current limit may still be too low, if one were to make a guess. 

So I’m leaving the advice above, and will see if it works here. If so, inform them…


Hi, your long answer was wel written and wel meant,but your “few” connections
don’t make a dent and don’t show your limit.
If the error message were only for you, the message would be different
Notice what it says in the error - it’s for the project , not the individual user,
but it affects many users.
Maybe it’s dependent on the time of day…

It’s up to the developer to fix it via the console to increase the Quota for the project,
which is eM Client, in agreement with Google.
There is much more behind it…which they are not telling us…
Another thread about this suggests a reason…


Yes, this is an ongoing issue with Google, and I understand that eM Client Inc. is working to resolve it.

You are correct that changing the sync interval in eM Client does not affect how the application syncs with Gmail, which by default is setup as IMAP. It only affects calendar, contacts and POP3 accounts. 

Well, DiggerP, after turning off the extra email client, I haven’t seen the problem recur in several days – even though there’s an up-front message this evening on this forum saying Google  haven’t got their act together yet.

I would suggest to you that a prominent feature of software is that errors can very readily be not where you think they are.

I did note the self-proposed nature of the errors, but I didn’t quite believe in it well enough not to try a sensible alternate response.

It wouldn’t surprise to find that Google recognizes soon enough that there’s more than one, or just a presently obscure issue, not according to the apparent log entries, offical as they like to seem, at the root of this thing they haven’t yet managed to fix.