Frequent Program Hangs During New Email Creation

This morning I was composing a long-ish email, nothing new for me, and the program hung several times during composition. At one point it completely crashed - fortunately my draft had been saved. When I went to send the email, it popped up an error message:

2021-05-10 11_56_53-Window

This seems to only apply to the email that I was replying to, so it may be something introduced by that specific email. Still, it’s a concern, and caused eM Client to crash.

What gives - any ideas? Is this a virus or something? That’s the big concern.

That error normally ocurs when there is a eg: web based url linked image (inline or attached as files) to the email, that is now (no longer on the remote server or cloud space).

So eM Client is trying to read the remote image or remote cloud file when you are replying or forwarding an email, but can no longer find those pictures, so hangs for a while and eventually gives you that error.

eg: I once had that issue where i attached pictures inline (from my Google Drive) to an email and sent it. I then deleted the pictures from Google Drive after i sent the original email as didn’t think i would need to send those images again. I then decided to forward that original email to someone else. While i was typing the email, eM Client was hanging randomly and eventually i got that error appear. I eventually figured out it was referring to my Google drive remote images that were no longer there in my forwarded email due to i had deleted them from my Google Drive.

So i had to reupload the images to my Google Drive which then fixed the issue. The alternative was to delete the entire email and start again. So click on every image in the email when replying or forwarding to make sure (any remote image is actually on the remote server) at the same url.

Note:- Sometimes newsletters peeps send to me have given me that same error if i reply or forward to them months or years later as those news letter images have since been removed by the original newsletter creator.

That completely agrees with what happened to me. In this case, it was a link to a file that must have been changed by the sender mistakenly. Thanks for the reassurance that some script kiddie has not managed to get past my AntiVirusFu! :smiley:

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