Frequent Error Messages occuring

Hello everyone,

After using trial version for many months, I bit the bullet and coughed up the doubloons to get the pro version. I was increasingly disillusioned by Thunderbird, and hoped o get better email management from eM (which incidentally seems to be the only other email client still available)
Anyway, I have now started getting frequent error messages as shown in the screenshot, both the email accounts shown have Yahoo in the backend, so not sure if it is a Yahoo problem, is there any way to fix these?

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sábado 11 junio 2022 :: 1526hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @picadillyjim

Need more information to help you.

It looks like the error is with Yahoo Authentication.

Did all work correctly with Trial version?
If so what have you changed or software have you added?
If you use VPN try to connect with VPN off.
Disable anti-virus and try to connect.

Exact SMTP settings you have?
Did you use eMC automatic account setup?

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  1. Yes, don’t remember facing this issue with the Trial Version - however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen, I only noticed it happening often enough to irritate me, after I added more than 2 accounts after upgarding.

  2. No changes to the laptop, No VPN being used.

  3. I can try disabling anti virus, but obviously, I don’t want to keep it disabled all the time.

  4. Use the standard eMC automatic setup, do you want screen shots of the SMTP? It is whatever was automatically determined.