Frequent (and normal) "Connecting to..." errors obtrusively popping up. - Google Apps

Google Apps, free edition, has always thrown frequent connection errors, probably when an email clients tries to connect multiple times or too frequently. It happened with outlook, too – often when I tried to delete several emails quickly. The error messages could be safely ignored. It will try again in a minute and be fine.
But the way that em client throws these errors, it interrupts what I am doing, sometimes, I think, grabbing the active window so that the last bit of typing I was doing in another email or elsewhere was not in the right window.

I need to be able to suppress the error messages so they don’t pop up and interrupt – or just stay hidden so I can see them if I need to.

Great work on EM Client! Brilliant.

EM Client 6.0 (there’s no check box in the right column for that)
Windows 8.1

Hi, try to install this version… and tell me if that has worked.