French localization

Hello there,

I worked with you last year in order to translate eM client in French… When I installed the awesome 2.5 release, I couldn’t find French anymore :-/

Does it need to be fully translated a second time ?

Thanks for your great great work !

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Guillaume Ferry.

Hello, it is not needed to start from the scratch. Anyone can continue with french translation. We decided not to distribute it with standard setup, because ut is now really outdated, as eM Client changes rapidly. Localization process is still the same, even though localization tool has been improved a little. We can provide the newest french XML file to continue with translation.

Hello Michal,

Thanks for the reply.
Ok then, you can send me the XML translation file as soon as you can.
I’ll grab the translation editor too, and complete / update strings.

I’ll keep you in touch,

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PS : I noticed a new version is scheduled for Q1 : you don’t have a lot of days left… :wink:


I’m evaluating eM Client which a great tool; I noticed a mistake in the french translation:
There is an error in the localizatioon for contact form whereby “Work Phone” has been translated as “Domicile” which in facts stands for Home; as a result the word “Domicile” appears twice.
“Work” should be translated as “Travail”
See here below image: