freezing with multiple shared exchange accounts

I have just started to use eM Client, and I’m impressed. However, I have found an issue. I have a gmail account and an office356 account. The latter has access to four shared accounts and a resource account. When I set this up the client would show the accounts continuously syncing on the left pane. If I tried to email the client would freed with the message “this is going to take some time”.

I have reconfigured the hared accounts as pop3 and they seem to be okay now, but it is not ideal. //is this a known problem? Before I reconfigured I copied eM Client in the AppData\Roaming directory to a back up, so if there is anything I can provide to you from there just give me a shout.

Regards, Richard

Hi Richard, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you check for the version number in Help > About?
I’m not completely sure if I understand the issue, after the account setup, is your office 365 account continuously synchronized or only the shared accounts keep being synchronized/re-synchronized?

The initial setup for Exchange (Office 365) accounts may take a while until the synchronization is finished, however accounts should not be re-synchronized after the setup period.

Thank you,


The initial set up sync with no issues, and it seems to be happy with the resource account. It is when I add the shared email accounts is where I see problems. When I add these I see the main exchange account and all the shared accounts show the spinning “sync wheel”

Hi again George, can you please install this update and check if the issue persists, ?
Also please download this tool  and run the tool after the update (this should prevent you from an Exchange issue that we recently came across).

Please let me know if the issue persists, thank you,

will do, thanks. I will let you know if the issue happens again.