Freezing issues

I am beginning to see a lot of non-response and freezing, especially after installing version 8. It requires a forced close via CNTRL-ALT-DEL and relaunch. Any ideas?

It’s worth a try:

the folder with the eM Client data
“C:\Users\your Windows Username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”
in the real-time antivirus protection to the exception.

They’re working on it. Just have to keep doing what your doing until it is fixed, very frustrating - I get it only on one of my 4 computers intermittently - always on emclient startup. If it does start successfully it works fine.

Is version 8.0.2951.0 installed (Windows version)?
Downloads from

In versions prior to 8.0.2891.0 i had the problem sporadically.
(Here Windows 10 2004 64bit)

Yes, latest versions of Windows and eM Client, no 3rd party AV

I also have a similar problem. When I run a search and open an email from the result list emclient freeze for 2/3 minutes and then open the email. If instead I open the same email directly from the inbox it opens immediately.
This problem occurs only with version 8, the 7 works very well.

Hi Multiwire
Yours seems to be a different freezing issue as the eM Client freezes on different triggers and recovers.

The freezing issue I had no longer occurs with version 8.0.3385.