Freeze after hitting reply (for several emails)

Not sure how to describe much details. Didn’t change anything but suddenly some mails, when hitting the reply button, manage to freeze the program. I click on “reply”, the program freezes and nothing happens anymore (you can’t click anywhere). After some seconds you can click again but nothing happens at all and you have to close the client and have to close it in the task manager too.


When eM Client will freeze again please use this program…

and send me file it will create to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL


I have the exact same problem, and can replicate it on specific emails. I will send you my file from the stack dump, if that’s okay.

edit: I am going to pursue this through the pro support service, as I actually have a purchased licence for the client. I’ll try to remember to post any updates in here if the problem gets solved.

UPDATE: The problem seems to be getting fixed in the next update to em client. If you contact support they might be able to provide you with the latest internal version which fixes the problem in the meantime.


Exactly like this, but please be informed that we do not share our link with everyone.

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