Free version license issue

I have installed the free version of emClient on both my parents laptops. They are retired and use their laptops to access email from an old ISP that allows you to keep your email when you switch away. Both parents have their own laptops and I have created different accounts for both using their individual email addresses.

Now however both parents are having issues with their license key. They are getting the error that the license key cannot be activated due to a violation in the license policy. This issue seems to have started a couple of weeks ago so I assume it isn’t simply the license server being down.

I found an issue on this forum where someone said the free version was limited to email providers like Gmail,, hotmail etc. Does this mean emClient only sees personal use as limited to common free email providers such as these. Or is emClient seeing multiple emails from the same domain and assuming they are business rather than family.

Try sending an email to and explaining your side of the “violation…”