Free version help file

I’ve just installed a free version and activated a free license.

I don’t find a help file; specifically how to send an email to someone on my contacts list.

Can someone help me find the help file for this?


Click on “New” at the top left of eM Client main window. A new email window opens.

In the “To:” field, either write a valid email address or if you already have people in your contacts list, any letter(s) you write on that field bring the names that begin with (or contain that) letter(s). If you are offered a selection of contacts, select the one or the ones you would like to send an email to.

Next write the subject and finally compose your message and signature and click on “Send”. And voilà!

As with most applications, you will find help by pressing F1. It is a little outdated, but the concepts are still the same.