Free license not upgradable to v 7.x

Hello. I updated today (through the application’s menu->check for update) to v.7.1.30240.0. When restarting eMClient I get the following prompt:

When going online to actually renew the license I get this message stating that you have to be in the Pro license to update:

I guess it is possible that this is the case, but it would be utterly misleading and in the end disrespectful to let me upgrade to the latest version without warning that I would not be able to use it and either purchase a pro license or manually search how to downgrade to use the free license again.
I am posting here because I don’t believe that is the case and you probably just have not sorted it out yet. Could this be some kind of error/bug or whatever? If that is the case, is there a workaround?

Thank you.

Update: The issue is resolved (at least for me). I was away from the pc for some time and now the client works fine. (Note: The pc was shut down the time I was away, so maybe a restart is needed as well).

Thank you for resolving this issue this fast.

Hello Manos,

This issue should indeed be fixed, thank you for your patience. We’re sorry for the inconvenience - this has unfortunately been caused by a temporary error in our system, it was certainly not done to lure money out of Free users.