free license not recognozed at times

I have a valid “free” license and it shows when i click Help > License, but when starting up eMClient 5.0.18025.0 I get the error message: "EM Client doesn’t have any valid license. You may access your off-line data, but on-line synchronization and sending emails are disabled. Once a license is obtained, you will be anle to use the product without limitations again.

If Iclose eM client and reopen it, it generally is fine, has a license, and works, but a few hours or a day or two later, then does the same thing.

Your “knowledge base”: has this flagged as “SOLVED” but there was no answer there!!!

Today, I’ve tried reopening it several times an keep getting the error message.


please send me screenshot of this issue when it will happen again + your update URL (help - about and ctrl + u)
to: [email protected]
together with this topic’s URL:…