Free license, multiple email addresses

I activated the free license yesterday and now only one of my two email accounts is sending/receiving. Is there something special I need to do to get both email accounts working, or does the free license only support one email address?

The free license only support up to 2 accounts. You need the Pro version for more than that.

I only have 2 accounts (2 email addresses) – they both worked fine during the free trial but now that I’ve activated the free license one of the email accounts won’t send or receive. The other works perfectly fine. How do I tell eM client that I have two email addresses?

Might be some sort of glitch as normally from my own experience as long as its only 2 accounts for home (Non business use) should be ok with a free EMC license.

If the account that is not working any longer is an eg: IMAP, Exchange (Non POP) type account, then suggest to try removing it and adding the account again to see if that fixes it. Before doing that make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”.