Free License Code not activating

I just got my free license code and it will not accept it. I am running WinXP SP3. I have tried making an exception on AVG but that makes no difference either way. I don’t have any kind of block or firewall problem. Is it not accepting the code because the trial period has not ended yet? Can anyone please help. I keep getting this error message when I try to submit the code:

Unfortunately eM Client is no longer supported on Windows XP.
Please see…

ok…so aside from upgrading my operating system, what can I do to get the code to work? Is there any work-around?

or do I just let the trail period run out and it becomes the free version?

The Free License needs to connect to the licensing server, so unfortunately once the trial period is over you will no longer be able to use eM Client on Windows XP. 

Sorry Jody. :frowning:

Hello Jody,

My very quick research shows that on older operating systems like XP… the underlying services for EM Client could be effected by Malware / Virus detection software such as Norton or Bitdefender. You may find success if you “temporarily”  turn off the virus software and maybe even the firewall in windows XP. I suggest… just to see if this help you with the license install. It’s important that once the license is accepted or even fails the install REMEMBER to turn your virus / malware detection back on. Additionally, you could try booting in Safe Mode WITH Networking. If you need help with this boot option, please message back here. EM Client may need resources NOT available in Safe Mode Boot so I included this as a second option. Good Luck!

EM Client is one of the BEST I’ve used and can tackle even the most complicated expert settings. The authors have designed an amazing product for windows. I hope you get it working. I do have an old XP box with no Service Packs and I can try this if it comes to that. 

Unfortunately there is no workaround for Windows XP because the license request does not arrive at eM Client’s license server. This has nothing to do with firewalls or antivirus applications, it is simply because of an outdated security protocol that is no longer accepted by the server.

Thanks Gary!

Your sentiments are completely shared by me. I also think eM Client is an amazing product. :-) 

You can try your XP box, but you will find you are not able to connect to the license server. It is like trying to connect with POP3 to a server that only supports IMAP. The protocol is not there so it will never connect.

Just out of curiosity… does the ATM update that allows underlying sub-systems to be updated include the newer protocol? The ATM Update allows for XP to be updated beyond the SP3 updates. You may not know but I just wanted to ask because it looked like a shot-in-the-dark possibility.

I guess that is something for the developers to answer, but if you have the time and the inclination, you might fire up that old box and give it a go. It would be interesting to know for sure.

Thank You Gary, I think I’ll give it try this weekend. I know Comodo  client ran perfectly on the ATM update after sub-systems were updated. I have a few XP flavors Home and Professional. Have a Good Weekend!