Free license activation problem

I’ve registered for free license on 22. June 2015. Today I received warning that eM client doesn’t have valid license. I forgot that I have to renew my activation key so I registered again for a free license and tried to activate with the new key. Activation failed. In 2015. I’ve been for some time using two license on two different computers, but for the last two years I’ve been using only one. I don’t remember any more which license (e-mail address) I’ve been using on this computer. Now I can’t activate my eM client. What should I do?

Hello Sandra,
all eM Client licenses are renewed automatically, our licenses never expire.
What error message pops up when you try to activate the key in Menu>Help>License section?
Can you please copy it for me?

Also, please send me your HW GUID.
This is a code that pops up when you press CTRL+H in Menu>Help>About section.

Thank you. Your sales department already solved my problem

Same with me. After trying to update yesterday its shut down. Can only read old mail. Tried new activation code, but same problem.