Free licence


Today I got this email for my free client.

"Dear x
thank you for you order! You have successfully
registered free license of eM Client.

Your License Name: x
Your Activation Key: xxxxx"

I went to help=> licence to activate like mentioned in the mail, but it was alreddy activated and valid until 26/05/2014.

When I deactivate and activate with the code I received in the mail today, It is succesful but the date remains valid until 26/05/2014…

What to do next?

Please help


Hi, can you please send me your licensing information to ?
Also please include the email address you’ve registered the license to.

Thank you,

Thanks for your quick reply. The email is send.

The account information should be valid and there’s no reason for the popup, if you can, make a screenshot of the expiring notification you’re seeing and post it here on the forum or send it to my email as well.

Thank you,