Hello, I am visually handicaped and I need the screenreader Jaws to handle em-client. But Jaws doesn`t read the emails. Can you help me?

Will it work if you open the email in a new window? Double-click on the email to do that.

No. IT reads the left structure but not the mails

If you open the email in a new window there is no left structure. Either double-click on the email in the list, or right-click and choose Open.

But I get no Information that there is a email. Its Not possible to use it

How do you normally use Jaws to read an email?

I Go to Posteingang the I can scrollen the Mails. Jaws reads every Sender. This doesnt Happen. Jaws says there is no mail

If you click on the Inbox, you are not in the list of emails, so there is nothing to read except for the folder tree. Well, the list of emails for that folder is displayed in another frame, but your mouse is still in the folder tree. You need to click on one of the emails in the next frame which is the message list.

I know. No Information about mails

When you have clicked on an email in the message list, does it not read the list?

What happens if you turn off conversations? Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

There happens nothing. No word

Posteingang nicht verfügbar. Geschlossen

Vielleicht ist es nicht kompatibel mit eM Client. Sie sollten mit Jaws bestätigen.

Eine Version mit win32 Bit funktioniert

Das ist gut.