Fraudulant attempts to connect

I have Bitdefender set up on my laptop and I keep getting the following notifications:

“A fraud attempt detected 11 minutes ago
Online Threat Prevention
We blocked this fraudulent page for your protection: Accessed by: MailClient.exe Fraudulent pages use deceptive techniques with the intent of obtaining unlawful gain. For example, a fake online shop can trick the victim into sending money in advance without delivering the order.”
I have several instances of this and also a few fishing attempts. Does anyone know what this is about please?


It sounds like Bitdefender’s scanning functionality is recognizing links in emails being download by eM Client as being malicious. Usually emails with such things would be caught on the server side (your email provider) and put into your SPAM or Junk Folder. A virus scanner like Bitdefender can do this scanning in real-time by analyzing all traffic on the email traffic ports. Such blocking can also possibly interfere with how the email client (in this case eM Client) operates and cause issues since things are getting blocked at the network layer.

If you feel your email provider provides adequate scanning for virus and spam related emails, you might want to white list the “MailClient.exe” (eM Client) application, so that Bitdefender doesn’t mess with things. Information on how to do that in Bitdefender is available here: How to stop Advanced Threat Defense from blocking an app - Bitdefender

If you white list the application, saving of email attachments to your computer should still be scanned by the virus scanner, so you won’t loose that important functionality. Of course someone here in the forums with experience with Bitdefender might be able to offer a better solution.

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Thanks for your reply. You have reassured me. I think I’ll leave things as they are as it seems there is a double check, i.e. the server and Bitdefender. Better to be safe than sorry from my limited knowledge point of view!

Thanks again.