Forwarding email without downloading images?

I do not want to download images when I’m forwarding an email.

I made sure this Mail Privacy box was checked, cleared my whitelist, and restarted the program. Images were still downloaded in my testing.

How can I forward emails without downloading images?

The setting only applies to reading messages and how linked content is displayed.

The logic behind this feature is that it prevents spam senders getting access to your email address when external links are activated on opening the message. But if you reply to such messages, there is no reason to protect your email address so the linked content is loaded.

So in that respect it works as intended.

The issue you have is with forwarding messages with linked content. My own understanding is that if you decide to forward a message, you consider the content safe so there is no need to block external content. Otherwise why would you forward unsafe links to another person after you have purposely blocked them on your computer? That is just abominable!

Well, two things. One, when I forward scam emails to a small bank in another state (including the full header) because their contact info is in the sig line even though the reply-to address is garbage, I don’t want either of us to download the images. It’s generally easy to find a company’s “report spam” address, so I assume that address is using the same protection features. This is the most frequent way I would use this feature.

Two, when I want to forward something to a friend, I still don’t want to download the images.

Clicking on Forward does NOT include the header of the original message.

If you really want to send that information to the bank, choose Forward > Forward as an attachment. It is safe for both you and the bank because neither of you have to view any linked content. Then the bank can decide if they want to investigate, they can open the attachment on a secure computer.

No, you would rather they do it.

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My preference would also to not have the external content loaded on forwarding - this is the behaviour of Thunderbird. The main reason is for privacy and not to be tracked / leaking any information such as IP. Would emclient consider including this as an option in future releases.