Forwarded e-mail contents disappear!

Gateway DS4300
Win-7 Pro always up-to-date!
eMClient 5.0

I received an e-mail.
I forwarded that e-mail as an attachment.
When I checked the e-mail later it was not there. It only contained the line “You forwarded this e-mail on” and gave the date I forwarded it. When I checked in the message where I had forwarded it (in the “Sent” folder), it showed the name of the e-mail as an attachment. When I opened that attachment, there was no longer any “body” in the e-mail, only the headers.
Any idea what happened to the e-mail?
Jim McG


I will need both mails saved as .eml (before and after forward) (right click - save as…)

send me them to:
together with this topic’s URL:…