Formatting list numbers & bullet points

I cannot alter the formatting style of numbers or bullet points when preparing an email.
I want to alter the font style, colour & height.
Format painter does not pick up my default style.
How can I do this.

Hi Grant, not completely sure what you’re referring to. While having items in a numbered or bullet point list, I’m able to change the formatting of the text just as expected.
What do you mean by changing “height”, line-height formatting is unfortunately not supported in eM Client, it is also not possible to change the formatting of the bullet points/numbered points.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, your first paragraph is the bit I can’t do,
It happens only if I receive an email in plain text format and then reply changing it to HTML.
The list adopts the plain text format and will not update to match my text format using format painter.
Here is a screen shot

Hi again Grant, as I previously noted, unfortunately it is not possible to change the formatting on bullet/numbered list while composing a messages.

Thank you for understanding,