Formatted content and images in Tasks body

I use tasks to log and plan my work from past to future. So I sometimes need to add formatted content or paste (ctrl+v) an image inside the task. This would help me a lot and partially replace the OneNote I use now… Adding image as an attachment is not as fast so I do not use it. Ctrl+v (formatted text and image) would be VERY helpful.

You can paste formatted text directly into the task notes:

If that is not working, check your settings. You may have selected to paste text only by default:

I know it is part of the mail settings, but for some reason it applies to tasks as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

An alternative to OneNote is eM Client’s new Notes section, if that is of any help.

This option does depend on your server though. For example, tasks stored in Google Tasks do not permit formatted text in the notes field.

Thanks a lot, yes, I can see, the Google doesn’t allow this but Nextcloud does. So, I’ll use the nextcloud instead. Thanks a lot! Also, having two tasks sources (Google and Nextcloud), is there any option to select one as default which is now the Google. That would mean always I want to create task I must switch the source to Nextcloud manually.

Regarding notes to be used instead of OneNote. Is there a chance to include Nextcloud notes to eM Client? Or what service would you prefer to sync the notes with?

If you have selected Gmail as your default account, that means it will use it’s tasks as the default. But you can change individual sections.

Go to Menu > Accounts and select your Gmail account. Change the Tasks to point to your Nextcloud account. In this example I have selected Local Folder, so all new tasks will be in that folder.

This is unclear. Nextcloud support is announced on the website, but not what it actually supports. As far as I know Notes are only synced with Exchange and compatible CalDAV accounts. Yes, Notes are an iCal format for some reason. :roll_eyes: