Format painter button and Greek spell check.

We have been using emclient for 5 months now and we are missing 2 basic functionalities. We wonder if a Greek spell checker is supported some how and if there is somewhere (that we cant see !) a format painter button like in MS Word . Besides these, I would say that this client can easily go head to head with MS Outlook.

you can download greek spell check dictionary at…
Just unpack the archive to Program Files/eM Client/Dictionaries and it should work then.
Format painter button is an interesting idea. I will add it to our road plan, however I can’t tell you more exact date when this will be implemented.

HI Michal,

We are waiting for this format painter button. Please update your eM Client Software.

Also please Tables are not flexible to work with. Please work on this.

unfortunately, I cannot provide you any exact time frame of when it will be implemented because we are currently working on the features with higher priority.

Format painter will be a very useful tool to have. I too support the idea of having the format painter.


We are still having this in “Under consideration”.


Need format painter! This is very basic and essential functionality at this point and needs to be added to em Client to be a true Outlook replacement.

Make it so!


Yes, agree. There is a format painter however is does not work as it was supposed to. 
If I paste anything from website, regardless of the format painter, the remaining part of the email is formatted with that style. This is quite annoying.