Forien (spam or junk) emails

how do i blacklist or stop emails that are in a forien language

Doesn’t clicking the  Move to Junk link in the second top menu bar and picking either Move to Junk and blacklist email , or Move to Junk and blacklist domain work?

Thanks for the reply. Yes - move to junk and blacklist domain/email both work. but this is difficult when  several email addresses/domains used. Emails are in Portugese but being sent from Brazil and Japan. Would like to block all non-English emails, but don’t think emclient can do this. Any ideas? Regards. Alan.

Probably no way to do this in any email client.  I hate spam and phishing mail and block all I can, but still get “junk” mail because they just use either different email addresses or domain locations.  All I know to do is to block them, especially at the domain level.