Forgotten Attachment Warning Question

Question about function of Forgotten Attachment Warning as it pertains to email tracking.  I have only recently begun getting warnings for Forgotten Attachment.   They seem to relate to replies and forwards that originated from a corporate source.   My question is:

Is the Forgotten Attachment Warning possibly picking up on a tracking pixel from the original source?   Forgive my ignorance as I’m self-taught and I miss a lot of the theory involved in web-based communication.   If anyone has any insight on the subject, I’d love to hear it.   I’m interviewing for a job and have forwarded a few of the correspondence emails to my wife and some of my references, but I’m wondering if the source company, the one I’m applying with, can see that I’ve sent them off.   There is no disclaimer on the email, but I’m concerned they are looking at my behavior.   Not trying to sound paranoid, but it seems strange.   Any help is appreciated.

Hello Andrew, this feature tracks if your email contains the word  “attachment” in case it’s included in the text, the warning should be displayed. 
You can also disable the option in application settings if it annoys you during business communication.

Hope this brings the insight onto this subject :slight_smile:

That makes sense.  Thanks for the reply!