Forced Offline due to no license

I have been using eM client free for over 2 years,today it asks for a license activation. Now it completely shut off receiving and sending all emails. It has disconnedted me from my POP server! What is going on? I attempted to get another license but the program will not receive any emails?? Help!

Kevin, I have had the same thing happen twice in that last week.  I have simply copied in my activation key (I saved the original email) and it was accepted…but I don’t understand why this is happening and I am concerned that it appears to be happening repeatedly.  I’ll be watching for the response to your email.


I requested a new user license but needed to have it sent to another email address since eM closed me out totally. I inserted the new Lic.# and it worked , I am only good until Jan. 2016 however. Thanks for the reply

Hello Kevin,
Is there any chance that you started using eM Client on another device recently?