For certain contacts the emails come into my inbox for a split second and disappear

Having a problem with my emails. for certain contacts the emails come into my inbox for a split second and disappear - sometimes I find them in my junk but mostly they go to the sent box. Updated EM Client yesterday as prompted to do.

Sounds like a problem with Rules.
Go to Menu > Tools > Rules and check that there is not a Rule moving emails from those contacts to Junk or Sent. Also check the Blacklist in Rules, and make sure that those email addresses or domains are not listed there.

Can you explain the function of the blacklist?


Blacklist contains list of email addresses and domains that will automatically be moved to the Junk Folder.

Move to Junk Button  



Move to Junk button has three options: Just move to Junk , Move to Junk and blacklist email and Move to Junk and blacklist domain. To perform one of those actions, you have to click on the little arrow on the right.


Note: Remember that if you enter the Junk E -mail section there will be Move to Inbox button which works in the same way as the Move to Junk button. The only difference, of course, is that you remove emails from Junk back to Inbox.


Just move to Junk : Moves the email to Junk, does not blacklist email (will not block emails from the sender in the future) and also does not blacklist domain.


Move to Junk and blacklist email : Moves the email to Junk and blacklists the sender, but the domain will not be blacklisted (so for example emails from user will not be received any more, but still some emails from the domain “” will be received.


Move to Junk and blacklist domain : Moves the email to Junk and blacklist the domain, so you will not receive emails from the blacklisted domain any more.


Clicking on the Move to Junk button without predefined action


If you click on the Move To Junk button for the very first time or when you do not have predefined action for move to junk button, following window will appear: 



Here you can pre-define the action by ticking Don’t ask me again option and selecting one of the tree options displayed. Since you have made the decision, selected action will be always performed. You can, of course, change your pre-definition by clicking on Tools -> Settings -> Confirmations.



Removing blacklisted users from Blacklist


If you want to remove blacklisted users from blacklist, simply click on Tools -> Rules and following window will appear:



Double-click on the Blacklist item and following window will appear:



Click on the Remove button and the action is complete.


Removing Junk content via Move to Inbox button


While you are browsing Junk section of your e-mails, you can use Move to Inbox button to restore emails from junk back into the Inbox.



If you are restoring content which email is blacklisted you will be asked by following window whether you want just move it to Inbox or if you want to move it to Inbox and remove blacklisted email.



Choose one of the two options and finish the process.

Thanks so much!
I’ll try now!