For all fans of smiles

For all fans of smiles style incredimail, I would like to be listed on the software that integrates seamlessly with eM Client, if you want to try looking for PostSmile 7.
Greetings to all.

Hi, we do not have any kind of list like this.


maybe it is now possible to import Emoticons ? 

Hey Michael,

Sorry, unfortunately eM Client does not support importing emoticons and currently no such feature is planned.


why not, It is included in all major email programs and now I know it is not even a possibilty I probably will browse about again for a new email program. It makes email fun. Might rethink that decision.

I agree. I find them necessary to convey the true meaning of an email at times. Otherwise words can be misunderstood. The selection on emClient is pretty limited.

Emailers who use lots of correspondence via an email client “need” emoticons to convey emotions. This relates to family, friends, casual business correspondence and just about any other recipient of one’s emails.  I am experiencing broken emoticons and have no idea how to repair them. But after someone reads this I am sure I will be told how to repair emoticons in eM Client. I suspect the folder for them needs to be deleted in app%data somewhere.

Specifically. How does one repair broken emoticons so the few that are showing text rather than an image will appear normally?