Foolproof cloning on a second machine

My new computer will arrive in a few days and I want to put it to work as my main desktop as quickly and cleanly as possible. I’d like to follow a step-by-step procedure for cloning my current eM Client so I can get right to work.

I gather it will involve four steps:

  1. purchase second license (I use the pro/permanent license currently on one machine)

  2. export my current iteration onto an external drive.

  3. download and install a version on the new computer

  4. import from the external drive

Experience tells me I can do this from intuition, but OF COURSE there are going to be things I’ve got to know. Nothing’s that easy.

Is there an account of how to carry this process out somewhere that will let me do it without having to eff around for six hours to get it working?

Thank you! DGI

Hello David,

Yes, that is pretty much it. To transfer e-mails and the application’s settings:
a) Install eM Client on the new machine
b) In the original eM Client, do a backup through Menu -> File -> Backup…
c) Transfer the backup file to the new computer
d) Go to Menu -> File -> Restore…, select the backup file and then wait for you data to be imported

If you’d like to use both devices simultaneously then yes, it will be necessary to purchase another license.


Thanks, Maurice. Yes, I’ll be purchasing the second license and will use both iterations simultaneously. I’m sure the process will be fairly simple, and appreciate your advice!

Hello David,

Glad to hear that answers your questions. If you run into anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.