fonts are being cut

In the settings>calendar>general>calendar view, I cannot see the line directly below "source of event’s color in multicalendar mode:
I can only see the very top edge of the fonts…not nearly enough to make out what it is saying.
See attachment.

Hi, we know about this, we are continuously trying to improve this behaviour, but you can make it better by lowering your Windows’s DPI or Windows’s font size (in control panel).


THAT IS A HORRIBLE REPLY! I hope you fix this layout bug with your program because this bug is all over your program in many locations so much so that I would like to use your program and buy it and switch to it as my default but I can not until you fix this.

Many fonts are broken below lines. Some fonts will not go larger then 12 and give a message saying they will be resized.

I can’t even finish configuring my email accounts at my resolution and DPI with your program.


This was posted 8 months ago and you have done NOTHING to fix these layout bugs in your program. That is a sign you are not working on this at all. :frowning:

Time to look for an alternate mail client is it when I just found yours?

Also, when you zoom the text should wrap in the box when increased and not have to scroll to the side with the bottom scroll bar.

Hi eM Client team,

I think the UI controls of Developer Express take good care of different screen resolutions (and probably also DPI settings).

Maybe you can use them?

Hi, as I suggested under a different post, I can assure you, we’re already working on some improvements for users using High-DPI settings, until then we recommend using a lower DPI settings and touch mode (if available) for better usability. More improvements are planned for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Hans, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to submit your suggestion to the developers and we’ll consider using this for improvements.


It is such a great email client. I would hate to have to go back to looking. I hope this can be addressed soon.