Font spacing


I have been trying emclient and it is very good software. But I have one showstopper which prevents me from using it. When reading/writing emails, the font spacing seems to be wrong, especially at higher dpis (but also on standard dpi a little). While in Outlook or in webmail the spacing between letters and words is nearly always OK (similar to how in this forum is made), in emclient it seems to be variable and looks really ugly.

The only thing how to get rid of it was to read all mail in plain text, but the I lose all HTML formatting etc. I tried to change the fonts, but no big effect has been observed.

I have attached one example, but some mails look even worse.

Can you help me?


And this is how it looks e.g. in outlook web mail  - much better.

Hello Jan,

Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you send us an example of such a message in .eml (please right-click it and select ‘Save As…’) to with a link to this thread and information about what DPI you view it with so we can examine it more closely?

Thank you,