Font size in side bar and email list

I recently invested in a 4k display. I have downloaded version 7 and I’m happy that I can make the actual email text bigger now but I still can’t make the side bar or email list a bigger font which I need for my father who struggles to read smaller text. Is there a way of fixing this? Many thanks

Have a look at Settings-Appearance-Lists-Fonts Section

It doesn’t let the font size go higher than 9 and 10

Works for me; tried a different font?

Yes, multiple ones. It always resizes to a smaller size ‘The font size you selected is too large to display and will be reduced to fit in the list’

Just tried sizes up to 16pt and they display fine… 18 is too big and produces that error.

which font?

Ubuntu. Verdana, being very “large” per se, goes up to 15pt. Better than 10 anyway…

Strange, my font goes up to Verdana 7pt, Groups font 11pt maximum.

Maybe there is some kind of “miscalculation” in the program due to the 4k resolution. “pt” is not exactly an ideal measure to be used when fonts need to be “responsive”. While that would make no difference if the user was simply allowed to decide for himself what is too big and what is not without any calculation limiting the options.

I guess so. I was hoping the emclient creators would have picked up on this by now, there’s a lot of posts about this issue and it’s not been fixed in this release.

the Mail List font size issue should now be fixed in the latest version available on our website.