font issue (wider letter spacing)

Hi. I am using free version of em Client, since very recent update, whenever I type in the subject or body it comes wider spacing between the alphabets. Tried to change the fonts but does not work. anyone having similar issue? 
I can go back to previous version as I had no issue with it?

Don’t really understand the issue. Are you are adding spaces between the letters? Maybe you are adding extras yourself as that is not something that eM Client would do automatically.

But to answer your other question, yes, you can go back to an earlier version. First uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database directory when asked, and then download the previous working version from the Release History. 7.2.35595 is a good choice as some of the others have loads of bugs.

This is a problem not found in the English version.
I use Korean version and the problem is IME(input method editor) of windows 10.
I think there is a bug in the localization of this version.
I have tried to return to the old version, but there is a problem that the database cannot be recovered.
Although uncomfortable, it is in use by changing it to Alt+’=’ key combination.
I expect it to be done quickly.