Font in draft changes when you edit

I started a reply in Segoe UI 12 (default font) and got interrupted. Saved the email as a draft. When I got back to the draft and opened it to edit further, the font had changed to Times New Roman. Any ideas why that would be? Segoe UI is the only font I have selected anywhere.


I am not able to reproduce that Gord. What version (Menu > Help > About) of eM Client are you using?

Hi Gary. Version 8.2.1473. And I misstated what happened. I had started the email on my iPhone and saved it to the drafts folder. Then when I tried to edit it in eM Client, the text of the original email was in its original font, but the text I had added in my answer was in Times New Roman. Not the end of the world; it’s easy to highlight it and change the font. I used to use Thunderbird and when I did a similar thing there, the text was preserved in the default, that is, Segoe UI. It’s Gmail if that is relevant.