"Follow Up List"

Hi - Product extension idea…
“Follow Up List” - please can you create a new right hand side bar (like the “Contact Details” one) where when a new email (or load of email) comes in I just pull each one sideways into the “Follow Up” list on the right that creates an ad hoc prioritized list of emails to follow up on. - I find that when you are getting a high volume of emails to deal with they tend to quickly drop below the fold. I find that I end up not using the “Task” functions.

Hi Miles,

it might be a good idea to move the e-mails which you have already processed and the e-mails which you don’t need to process at all, to specific (project-related) folders.

Then the e-mails which are left in your ‘inbox’ are the only ones you will still need to ‘follow up’ with.

Look on the internet for ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD)…e.g.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_…

* http://www.davidco.com/

I probably don’t have as many emails as you but I created categories with rules looking for sender, subject, etc. Those missed by rules I manually apply the appropriate category.

It would be nice it the categories had keyboard shortcuts though.

you can set shortcuts to categories in Tools - Categories and under “Shortcut” column click on row for selected category and select your shortcut.


Thanks. I did find that shortly after posting this.

you are welcome :slight_smile: