Have 2 sets of Inbox, Outbox etc. Can I delete one set? Also have added new Folder but cannot see it anywhere?

Hello HH,
what mail account does this issue happen on?
Do you experience any synchronization issues?
Is the New folder gone completely from eM Client or does it just not appear on your mail server?


Just typed a reply to you & lost it all. Grrrr.

Hi Olovia, I found a page to open a new Folder & went ahead as best I could. However, the folder did not appear anywhere on my opening page so goodness knows where it has gone?

I wish to make lots of folders to cope with the 100 odd E/mails that I finally managed to d/load into eMail Client recently.

As you can see I am new to eMail Client & do not know my way around!

It won’t be a sync problem. I wouldn’t know where/what do do with that!

My acct as far as I know is the sam,e as my E/mail address.

Sorry. I am not helping much! Regards, Hamish

what mail provider is your email address from? Do you use Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/other account?
Is it set up with a POP/IMAP/Exchange mail protocol? (Check the Tools>Accounts section if you are not sure).
If it’s a synchronization issue - please try making a new folder again and check the Tools>Operations>Error window for any errors.
If there are any, please go to the next tab in the same window titles Log and copy all it’s contnts here (Click inside, Ctrl-A to select all, and then Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste the text here).