I just started using EmClient, and I like it.  But I have 3 folders named “Trash”, “Junk email” and “Junk”.  I would like to reduce these to one folder while being sure all junk mail goes to that one folder, and mail I delete goes to the folder named “Deleted” (which I also have).  How can I do this?

Did you import from another client (pop3), if so this can bring other folders with it.

Try ‘right click’ on unwanted folder and ‘see’ what options you have. If it is an ‘import’ you can delete, otherwise you can ‘hide’ and the folder will be put in another new folder called ‘More’ 

OK.  Thank you.  I DID import (IMAP).  I’m still not clear that once I make the change, will “Move to Junk”  put the mails in the one folder I still leave showing (I want to be able to view the “Junk” because sometimes non-junk mail somehow finds its way into this folder)? Thanks.

I did mention pop3 'cos thats what I use.

However now that you have specified IMAP someone with that system with eMclient can step in


Hello Vincent,
Trash folder is the same as what you’d use your ‘Deleted’ folder for. All these different folders for junk email are usually made with different devices (depending if you connect on phone, PC, tablet…). We try to map all the possible names of these folders together, but sometimes different applications or devices just force create them since they are seen as essential from the device’s perspective. I’m afraid there is no work-around for this problem at the moment. Best I can recommend is hiding these folders so they don’t take up too much space in your menu.

Best regards,

OK.  Thank you, Olivia.  That explains things for me.  I don’t read email on alternate devices, but I will try to notice if any software on my pc uses them.  It seems, from what you say, that eventually the matter will sort itself out eventually.