Folders only downloading 1000 messages

Each my folders in emClient are limiting themselves to only downloading the first 1000 messages. Even though there are more messages in each folder. I know it is not a server issue or IMAP issue as Thunderbird works properly.

Is there a setting that I must use to tell emClient to download every email in the folder?

It is a server setting, not an eM Client setting.

If this is a Google account, there is a setting in webmail that you can change.
Just choose the correct option and click on Save Changes.

Some other providers may have something similar, so check with your email provider.

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As I mentioned, it is not a server setting as Thunderbird does not have this problem. I do not use Gmail. Can someone let me know how emClient is capping my folders?

eM Client doesn’t do that. Who is the email provider?

If all the folders had different amounts, it may be the sync is incomplete, but if they are all at 1,000, then it is a server restriction.

In addition, emClient use to download all the message until recently. I am on version 8.2.1659. I am using GoDaddy webmail (the older one). They swear up and down that they are not limiting the emails.

Why would Thunderbird client (with default settings) download all the emails from the same server, and not be limited to 1000 if the server was limiting?