Folders on Mail Server

I have my own domain. I use this for mail. This is of course an alias on my server. The email address works find except I continually get message that Sent and Trash folders can’t be set up on my server. eM Client is of course using my domain mail address. I am a new user just moved from 2007 version of Outlook. The email is set up as IMAP

In eM Client, go to your account settings, and click on the IMAP tab. Scroll down to Special Folders. Untick Automatically detect, and then change the Sent and Trash to INBOX.Sent and INBOX.Trash


See if that makes any difference. You may want to change all the others to be prefixed by INBOX. as well if they are not connecting.

If it still doesn’t work, contact your provider. They may be able to give you the correct folder names.

Didn’t work, I’m afraid, but thanks. I have tried putting my “native” email “/Sent” as well. This doesn’t work. My ipad and iphone don’t have any problem with Sent and Trash being available. I will see if I can get a response from my ISP (PlusNet) but I am not confident that they can help. I will try sending email from my iphone and see if that appears in the Sent folder on my PC.

Please see Issue with automatic detection of special folder names

@Phil13 seemed to have solved it. Remember, an eM Client restart is required.

Also, if you are using the version 8 beta, you need to save and close the account section after making any changes.

Otherwise just search this forum for plusnet. You are not alone.

I have just installed the latest version of eM client and the problem seems to have gone away. I never got a reply from Plusnet