folders no longer shown or synchronized

I have an outlook account set up.
And it used to show me all the folders for it.

Now, however, I started em client and all of a sudden, the folders are not displayed anymore. (Only the standard inbox is displayed and synchronized.)

So I go to

Accounts -> Exchange Web Services 
and click “Edit” for the “public folders”.

Which just displays “Loading…” forever.

How do I get it to show and synchronize the folders again?!

Using emClient 7.1.33101.0
on Win10.

(The outlook server is set to
, if that matters.)

The setting looks fine. I am wondering if there is not some cache corruption going on. You could remove the Exchange account from eM Client, then add it again and see if that fixes it.

Looks like it just fixed itself … I have not changed anything, it just went back to normal on its own. Guess we can ignore this for the time being.

I have one sports team calendar on, and when setup in eM Client using Exchange, it sometimes just disappears. After a couple of hours it comes back on it’s own.

Do you think this could be related?