Folders mistakenly copied to Trash will not delete and cause error messages "Unable to create folder"

After a computer failure and repair I had to re-install all applications, including eM Client.
Importing Contacts and Saved data from my laptop, also with eM Client, I erroneously copied some folders to the Trash folder. These will not delete and seem to introduce regular error messages:
An error occurred
[IMAP] Unable to create folder “{mail address}/Trash/Suppliers/” on the server. (Serious
error while processing CREATE (MsLimitNumFolders(74/76)))

I uninstalled eM Client and re-installed, only to find all the same folders as before - no initial setup. Any tips how can I correct this would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello Brian,
uninstalling eM Clinet will never delete your data, as it does not delete your database.
Could you perhaps copy the content of the Tools>Operations>Log window next time this error pops up?

If you want to start over with a new database instead, you can find its location in Tools>Settings>General>Storage and delete the whole folder.


Hi Olivia, thanks for your response. I had a string of the subject errors and have mailed the log to you.

However, I now think the best solution may be to delete the database and start new, with a correct import this time.

Best regards,


By going to the web server and deleting the misdirected folders there then deleting the eM Client database with ‘cmd rmdir /s’ command (thanks Olivia) then a re-install of eM Client, then a new export/import of data from the laptop PC, I seem to have a clean and correct system back.

So, case closed. Thanks for your support and tips.

Best, Brian.

Hello Brian,
I could not find the log files, but I’m glad to see all is fixed now :slight_smile:
Thank you for letting us know.