Folders In Search Release 7 Please bring it back

In Release 7 you removed Folders as part of the result of a search or a display.   I do not use Catagories but place read mail into folders of my choice.  In prior releases,  the Folder that the email were in was shown on the search result.  Now in 7 it does not.  It is a very useful function to see where it was placed when doing a search .  Please bring it back.

We didn’t remove the functionality. Depending on whether conversations are enabled (can be changed in the View menu) we either display the Account or Folder during the search.

In conversation mode we show the account because the messages in conversation can be from multiple folders. That’s actually the most common case, where different messages in the conversation are scattered among the Inbox and Sent folders.

With the conversation mode turned off version 7 behaves the same way as version 6 and it shows the folder for individual messages.

Thanks   did not see that parameter