folders ghost

I installed V7 emclient with imap Protocol. the Inbox is synchronized and appear in the special folders. Unfortunately the other folders (sent, trash, junk, drafts) do not appear or only for a few minutes after use. Is this a setting problem? or a problem with the SFR imap server?

Hello Patrice,
can you please check for any errors in the Menu>Tools>Operations window?
If there are any, please copy them and the content of the Log tab (in the same Operations window).


OK. I note No error neither operations nor log… But I have another other information: I just installed a Gmail (in addition to the first SFR) and obviously everything works well. Ultimately, I think that the problem comes from a specific parameter with the SFR imap account. Unfortunately my SFR account is my main email account! Do you have a great idea for me?

Hello Patrice,
so the folders don’t appear at all or are they not recognized as special folders?
Could you please provide a screenshot of the left-side menu with the folders in them?
Please also screenshot the Special folders setting under the IMAP tab in Menu>Tools>Accounts.


OK. First thank you for the time that you give me. I will explain in detail what I see with my eM-Client. My mail box SFR (french provider) is created with the correct SMTP and IMAP settings, it works fine for sending and receiving message. The problems are as follows. (screenshot 1) it displays only the Reception (inbox) folder and no send, no trash and no junk mail. (screenshot 2) when I send a new email, it works, and it appears a sent folder! I can see my test mail in the sent folder. Ditto for the other 3 files. (screenshot 3) Finally, as soon as a synchronization triggers, folders disappear immediately and there’s just the reception (inbox) folder. That’s all. I note that the second account (with GMAIL) works without problem, so I think it is a bad address of SFR servers IMAP folder. But this is just an idea… Here’s the screenshot that you expect

Hello Patrice,
thank you very much for the additional information. The next step will be to create more in-depth IMAP logs which will let us see what information does your server send to eM Client.

Go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced.
Check IMAP logging for your SFR address.
Restart eM Client.
Try to replicate the moment when the folders appear and disappear again.
Then go back to Advanced section.
Click ‘Send logs’
Change the recipient to [email protected] and add the link to this forum thread in the body of the message.

Hi Olivia,
It’s done. If you find the bug I send you a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates. Good luck.

Hello Olivia,
Do you have any good news for me?