Folders don't update with new email count


I organise my email into multiple subfolders. Emails arrive directly into those folders thanks to server side email rules.

Quite frequently I’m not being alerted of new emails in those folders. I turned on diagnostics and the imap log shows that eM Client is aware the folder has a new message. It’s just not reflecting that in the UI.

Is there a setting I’ve missed here or is it a bug?


Hello Andy, by default only your Inbox folder with eM Client should be synchronised with the server, other folders are not automatically synchronised unless you have the “Download messages for offline use” option enabled for your whole account in Tools > Accounts or for the specific folders.

Other folders are synchronised when you open the folder, or click on it in the left pane. New items are fetched otherwise only a ‘…’ indicator should be shown next to the folder name in case new messages are available on the server.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the prompt response.
I’ll give that setting a shot and see if it resolves the problem for me.